• 05 Mar
    Westside Hotel Men's Touch Competition - Prelim Finals
    Westside Hotel Men's Summer Touch Competition 2020/21Prelim Finals draw available here Field layout hereImportant points to remember:All players must be in their team uniformCasual players are...
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  • 05 Mar
    Westside Hotel Summer Mixed Touch - Prelim Finals
    Westside Hotel Summer Mixed Touch Competition 2020/21.Prelim Final draw Mixed Touch - Prelim Finals.pdf****ID checks are required for Mixed Touch Teams for the Prelim and Grand Finals. Please repor...
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  • 02 Mar
    Winter Touch registrations opening soon
    The Westside Hotel Winter Competition registrations are opening soon.Online registrations will open from Friday 19 March 2021 and team nominations will close Sunday 18 April 2021 whilst player regi...
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  • 09 Feb
    Social Gala Day 2021
    The Dubbo Touch Social Gala Day returns in 2021 with this year's event taking place on Saturday 20 March 2021 at the Riverbank Touch fields.The gala day focus is on fun, participation and socialisi...
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  • 02 Feb
    Notice of Motion for 2021 AGM
    Dubbo Touch Committee is putting forward a notice of motion to amend the current constitution at the next AGM on Thursday 10 February. The Notice of Motion can be viewed here. ...
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  • 08 Sep
    AGM minutes
    Minutes and Treasurer's Report from the 2020 Annual General Meeting are available below:MinutesTreasurer's ReportThank you to all the elected members for the next year and thank you to Megan Raines...
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  • 12 Aug
    Notice of Motion
    Dubbo Touch Committee is putting forward a notice of motion to amend the current constitution at the next AGM on Thursday 20 August. The Notice of Motion can be viewed here. The Notice of...
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  • 10 Aug
    Covid Safety Plan
    Dubbo Touch Association has a Covid-19 Safety Plan as we return to playing touch in the second half of 2020.The Covid-19 Safety Plan outlines the measures taken to ensure the safety of our members....
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  • 07 Feb
    Westside Hotel, Summer Mixed and Men's Touch Competition - Round 14
    Download the draw here.Duty requirements: all teams must complete duty each week. Two team members from each team must do duty with one person refereeing and the other walking the line/scoring...
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  • 07 May
    Heat Policy
    Dubbo's summer touch competition is played in 30 degree heat and higher temperatures with the months of January and February seeing temperatures reach over 40 degrees. A new heat policy was adopted...
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  • 02 Jan
    New Committee Financial Support Proposal
    Download policy below:DTA Committee Financial Support...
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  • 11 Oct
    Tips for Duty Referees
    Every team needs to provide two people for duty each week for the Senior Mixed and Men's Competitions.One person must be willing to referee and the other to walk the sideline and score. Here are so...
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  • 07 Jul
    See What We Have Planned For the Future
    Dubbo Touch held a planning session earlier this year and from this session a one and five year plan were developed.Dubbo Touch is focused on continuing to develop and grow our club but also ensure...
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  • 02 Oct
    Playing Rules & Referee Signals
    Download the latest Playing Rules & Referee Signals here. Touch Football Australia (TFA) Playing Rules & Referee Signals ...
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