Westside Mixed Draw - Round 4

Westside Mixed Draw - Round 4

Westside Hotel Mixed Summer Competition 2022

Monday 28th November 2022

1. The Liabilities v The Strathbrook Group 
2. Fastlane Magpies v The Ploughmans Rest Darkeye 
3. OTM v Jnr Fitzgerald Fencing 
4. BRAX v Bower Homes
5. Tribal Konnections v D & R Yardworks 
6. The Balla Crew v Coolbaggie Killers 
7. Goanna Woodworking v Orana Support Services 
8. Wombats v MMPT 
9. Holcombe Mechanical v Zapti Property Maintenance 
10. Wilson’s & Co v Pink Pastoral 
12. Flying Docs v Just For Fun
13. A Touch Of Justice v CNG Old & New

BYE team. Poolwerx 

1. Westside Warriors v GRPB
2. Hammertime v McCut Tiling
3. SDT Turtles v RAS
4. GPS Plumbing v DB Autos
5. Touches v Jnr OTM 
6. Blue Bibs v Dubbo Demons 
7. CSC v Tavern All Blacks
8. Biggest Mob v Low Expectations 
9. TVH v Ray White Wabbitohs 
10. Will There Be Beers v Lyons Advantage 
12. Raptors v Layc Co

Remember if your team plays at 6:00 PM you have duty at 6:45 PM & if your team plays at 6:45 PM your team has duty at 6:00 PM.