Competitions - Disciplinary

Dubbo Touch has a zero tolerance to abuse and misconduct on the field towards a referee, club official and other players.

The referee and/or club official has the control of all players and spectators, both on and off the field of play and has the right to request individuals remove themselves from the surrounds of the playing field. Should this direction not be followed, play could be suspended and further action may be taken.

All games will be governed by the official playing rules of the Touch Football Australia Rule Book (8th Edition), the Dubbo Touch Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Process.

Referees can utilise the following options to deal with backchat, swearing and misconduct on the field:

  • At the start of the game advise team captains back chat will not be tolerated
  • Penalty - Award a penalty against a player/team to non-offending team and warning to offending player and/or team captain
  • Forced substitution - Any player who is issued with a ‘forced substitution’ must immediately go to the sideline and be substituted by a team mate. That player may return to the field of play following this substitution.
  • Period of time - Any player who is issued with a ‘period of time’ must immediately go towards the end of the field and stand on the dead ball line of the end their team was attacking towards at the time. This player must remain in a non-participant role whilst serving the period of time and only return to play when instructed by the referee. During this time, the player’s team must participate with one less player.
  • Dismissal/Send off - Any player who is sent off for the remainder of the game will incur an automatic period of suspension from all competitions, which will last for two weeks. Any player who is sent off, or cited by an incident report, could face further disciplinary action.

All periods of suspension will be communicated to players and their team manager.

For all incidents of misconduct we want referees and duty teams to complete a incident form. This is so Dubbo Touch can document all incidents. Please see the Competition Coordinator for one of these forms and download below.

Committee members also can refer players and spectators for their misconduct towards referees during the game to a disciplinary tribunal.

For details on the disciplinary process see attached the disciplinary flow charts for players who are sent off and players who are referred directly to a disciplinary tribunal.

How to report an incident

Should any player or spectator witness any form of misconduct, it must be immediately reported to the referee and/or club officials at the Dubbo Touch Clubhouse. An incident report needs to be completed, copies of the incident form are available at the clubhouse. The committee can also be notified of any incidents by email

Automatic Suspension Flowchart

Referred to Disciplinary Tribunal Flowchart

Incident Form