Competitions - Weather Policy

Dubbo Touch has a weather policy that provides a guideline to ensure competition officials know their respective duties and obligations when considering the safety of individuals (players, coaches, referees and spectators) when undertaken games in the following weather conditions – extreme hot weather, poor air quality due to dust or smoke, lightning and rain.

To minimise the risk of any injuries or harm to individuals, while ensuring that the number of games cancelled can be kept at a minimum a weather policy was adopted to ensure the safety of all individuals involved in the Dubbo Touch Competition. 

In the event of wet weather 

In the event of wet weather on the day of a competition, Dubbo Touch committee will wait for Dubbo Regional Council to inspect the fields, which generally takes place between 2 – 3pm. If the fields are closed by Council that days competition will be cancelled. If the fields are open and it is still raining the competition will proceed unless lightning is close by.

Any cancellations will be notified via the Dubbo Touch Association facebook page after 3pm.

Weather Policy - Adopted March 2020