Representative - Senior

While most people enjoy playing touch purely for the social aspects, there is the opportunity to play representative touch at regional, state, national and international levels.

This opportunity exists for both juniors and seniors, with age groups from under 10s to over 50s in different carnivals.

Players wanting to play representative touch for Dubbo need to be prepared to commit to the following:

  • Attend training on a regular basis
  • Continue to develop own personal touch skill level
  • Pay entry fees for carnivals in advance (these may include travel and accommodation costs for carnivals outside Dubbo)
  • Demonstrate sportsmanlike conduct of a high standard at all times

For senior players the following carnivals are held annually:

  • Hornets Championships (September/October)
  • NSW Country Championships (October)
  • NSW State Cup (December)
  • National Touch League (March)

For junior players the following carnivals are held annually:

  • Don Green Western Championships (November)
  • Peter Wilson Championships (February)
  • Junior State Cup (February)

*Note that schools also have carnivals and representative opportunities in addition to those above.

Dubbo Touch Association aims to have teams and players in all of these carnivals where possible. Each team requires an appropriately qualified coach, manager and referee before the team can be entered in the carnival.

Dubbo Touch Association is required to complete team nominations to most carnivals 4-6 weeks prior to the carnival, therefore Dubbo Touch needs to have a clear commitment from the coach, manager, referee and players prior to this time.

Current selection policy for Dubbo Touch

These decisions have been made by the committee in the interests of providing a fair process for all players.

  • Teams representing Dubbo Touch will only be entered if they can demonstrate they have been training regularly and have paid all monies six weeks prior to the carnival.
  • Priority will be given to entering Women’s Open and Men’s Open teams (assuming teams meet prior requirement)
  • A minimum of 12 registered Dubbo Touch players must meet the above criteria for a team to be entered in any carnival
  • Should more than 14 registered Dubbo Touch players meet the above criteria, qualified selectors will be asked to determine the final team.
  • Any players missing out on selection with a Dubbo team, or who desire to play in a division where Dubbo does not have a team, will be found a place with a team from another affiliate wherever possible via the appropriate channels.

Supporting Representative Players

Dubbo Touch Association would like to encourage players to participate in representative Touch, and understand that the financial commitment can sometimes be prohibitive. Please see the attached policy, which describes how players can contribute to Dubbo Touch Association in return for points. These points can then be translated into monetary support for representative endeavours.

For more information about playing representative Touch for Dubbo, please contact

Rep Player Policy

Rep Financial Support Policy