Competitions - Mixed

The Westside Hotel Mixed Touch Competition is runs a winter and summer competition. The Mixed Touch Competition is held on Monday nights at the riverbank ovals (Katrina Gibbs and John McGrath Ovals)

The winter competition generally runs from May – September whilst the summer competition runs from October – March. Games commence at 6pm.

Registration is $99 per player for the summer competition.

If you are an individual player looking for a team please email with your contact details, the competition you wish to play in and the preferred grade. We will endeavour to find you a team during the registration period. 

Important information to note:

  • Teams need a minimum of 12 players 
  • Uniforms with a number of the back for each player must be worn. After round 3 anyone not in uniform will not be able to take the field
  • All teams must supply two people to complete their teams referee allocation, both who must take the centre position. Failure to do so will result in the loss of six competition points, on the first occasion.

To nominate a forfeit

If your team is unable to field four or more players for a competition game teams can nominate a forfeit. This must be done five hours prior to the game start time to the Mixed Competition Coordinator - Michelle Fernando on 0438 443 310. Please do not nominate forfeits via Facebook messenger or email as these aren't checked daily.

Any questions about the competition please contact the Mixed Touch Competition Director, Michelle Fernando at

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