Representative - Referees

Entry conditions for Regional and State Tournaments stipulate an N+1 number of Referees must accompany Representative Teams. Representative Referees must be a minimum Level 2 badge, or endorsed as seeking upgrade to L2 at the attending tournament. 

Dubbo Touch Committee provides badged referees attending representative tournaments $150 per day payment. Accommodation subsidy of $100 per night is also provided whenever required.

Representative tournaments are a great way to improve referee skills and experience Touch at a higher level.   Dubbo Touch has a number of current Level 4 NSW State Graded Referees, as well as top badge Level 6 Referees, some of whom have International experience having attended World Cups, Trans-Tasman and other international fixtures. 

Dubbo Touch also has a junior referee who is a part of the prestigious Talented Referee Youth Squad (TRYS) program, with a number of other junior referees striving to gain a position on the squad. This NSW Touch Program is a pathway for identification and further development of junior referees (under 21yrs) through to their Level 4 NSW State Grading badge.
Talented Referee Youth Squad Inductees 2021 | NSW Touch

 Dubbo Touch endeavours to support school based competitions and seek to assist by supplying badged referees to inter-school games wherever possible.

Should you wish to learn more about any aspect of Dubbo Touch Referees, please contact or see the Directors Jackie Obray and Matt Roberts on a club night.