Duty referee tips

Duty referee tips

The timeslots for the Dubbo Touch Summer Competition will be 6pm and 7pm. Games will still run for 40 minutes.

Please note that one of the terms and conditions of entry is that teams must complete their duty requirements.

To satisfactorily complete your duty requirements, teams need to ensure the following:
  • Teams check the duty allocations on Dubbo Touch facebook and the website to know when they have duty. In general, teams will do duty in the opposite timeslot to what your team plays.
  • Teams must have two people attend duty, one person to referee (must go on the field and referee and when not on the field walk the sideline) and the other person to score and walk the side line if required. You can have two people both willing to referee or share this responsibility. 
  • The player/s who will referee must bring their own whistle. 
  • The two individuals completing the team duty must present at the Dubbo Touch clubhouse by 5.50pm for the 6pm timeslot and by 6.50pm for the 7pm timeslot and have their names ticked off. Duty teams need to collect the boards and ball for their game
  • The two people completing the duty need to remain at the game for the entire timeslot and actively referee and score. 
  • At the completion of the game duty teams must sign the scoreboard and then return the score board and ball to the clubhouse post game. 
Here are some great tips to help our duty teams.

To ensure duty team compliance Dubbo Touch will have individuals walking around ensuring that duty teams are actively completing their duty requirements.
Failure of duty team to comply with the above requirements will see the following applied:
  1.  Duty team non-compliance first occasion: Team provided a warning email and will lose 3 competition points.

  2. Duty team non-compliance second occasion: Team to receive an email notifying of a two round suspension and the allocation of no competition points for such rounds. Team who have a forfeit as a result of such a suspension will receive 3 competition points

  3. Duty team non-compliance third occasion: Team to be withdrawn from the competition.
Dubbo Touch has more than 70 teams competing in the summer competition, duty team compliance is essential to ensure games start on time and have individuals to referee and score each game. Without duty teams we don't have a competition.

Dubbo Touch thanks you in advance for your cooperation this season with duty team requirements.