Casual Player Policy

Casual Player Policy

Casual Player Registration Policy

Dubbo Touch offer a $16.50 (inc GST) per game casual registration scheme. Under this scheme a player simply pays $16.50 (inc GST) and they are able to play one game in our competition. 

Casual registration process:

1. Register as a player to the casual registration team for the night that you will be playing on, complete the form provided from DTA along with the $16.50 payment. The team will need to provide the casual player with a team shirt.

2. Payments and forms need to be completed before the first timeslot to make it all quicker and easier for everybody involved. The players name will be added to the team sheet by the comp coordinator.

3. You are registered for 1 game. Every time you play as a casual player just follow the process above.

4. Casual Players are not eligible to play finals.

5. Players can play multiple games on one night (different time slots).

6. If you are a registered player in a team you cannot register as a casual player.

7. Casual players must abide by the DTA competition terms and conditions ie. minimum age.

*EFTPOS now available for casual player payments