Junior Representative teams announcement

Junior Representative teams announcement

Dubbo Touch would like to announce the junior representative teams that will be competing in the 2022 at the Peter Wilson Memorial Championships in Nelson Bay 5/6th Feb 2022 and Junior State Cup at Port Macquarie 25/27th Feb 2022. We are taking 9 teams away which is an awesome effort and we would like to thank the selectors for their time over the last three training sessions. 

It has been awesome to see so many kids trialing for these teams and as you can imagine the selection was very competitive in most age groups. Unfortunately there will be some disappointed kids who do not make the teams, we don’t want to discourage them, but for representative touch we have to take the top players for that age division. We encourage players who missed out this year to try again next year. 

If any parents would like feedback on their child you can request this through the rep player coordinator Nic Grose by emailing nic@onthemoverehab.com.au

Congratulations to the following players:

U10 boys

1. Saxon Scott

2. Zac McNamara

3. CJ Gordon

4. Vin Grey

5. Max Muller

6. Jackson O'Connor

7. Thomas Alley

8. Aussie Searle

9. Olly Grose

10. Harvey Edwards

Shadow Players: 

1. Darcy McLeod 

2. Diesel Simpson 

U10 Girls

Frankie Simpson

Frankie Wilson

Maggie Diffey

Pippa Whillock

Harriet Kelly

Evie Tomlins

Indie Wilson

Poppy Doughan

Willow Scott

Ruby Forrester

U12 Girls

Malisi Darcy

Olivia Carney

Bella Hall

Gracie Christiansen

Scarlette London

Macy Tudor

Xanthe Birchall

Maddison Ireland

Sophie Bonnington

Hannah Bonnington

Audrey Cook

Grace Murphy

Isla Townsend

Niomi O’Sullivan

Shadow: Gemma McPherson

U12 Boys

Rome Williams

Levi Thurston

Tyler Eade

Leo McTiernan

Jacoby Fitzgerald

Nate Chapman

Sam Large

Finn Sutcliffe

Jaimon Carrol

Sam Maher

Harry Aird

Hudson Miller

Hugh McAnally

Oscar McLeod


Nick Couley

Charles McCarthy

Harry Doughan

U14 Boys

Matthew May

Lachlan Murphy

Lachlan Maher

Zayde Burns

Jobie Castledine

Paddy Grose

Will O’Connor

Charlie Pilon

Ryan Eade

Spencer Simcox

Hamish Wright

Kobie Couley

Coby Read

Nick Couley

U14 girls

Ava Francisco

Lucy Carney

Latoya Smith

Bella Sheridan

Addi Bailey

Phoebe Fitzgerald

Bridie Chandler

Matilda Medlin

Millah Hutchins

Isla Bassingthwaigthe

Lucy Elliot

Alexus Gordon

Amelia Chrystall

Rebekah Dee


Ava Sutcliffe

Clancy Simmons

Sienna Cavanagh

U16 girls 

Pollyanna McCarthy

Chloe Chandler

Bonnie Sheridan

Eve Bailey

Molly Brown

Ruby Tudor

Chloe Andrew

Minna Poole

Aimee Zell

Ruby Zell

Olivia Simcox

Sienna Angus

Natayah Misiepo-Kelly

Saxbii Shaw

U18 Girls

Makaah Darcy

Olivia Hall

Edwina Tink

Shanique Darlington

Sophie Whiteman

Ella Hutchinson

Ella James

Ella Wykes

Maddie Simmons

Emerson Bruce

Breighel Thuell

Ebony O’Sullivan

U18 Boys

Braith Carroll

Rory Madden

Rex Bassingthwaite

Josh Townsend

Jake Reichelt

Bailey Lacrosse

Alex Jones

Jack Owens

Klayton Naden

Tyrone Bamblett

Latrell Fing

Xavier Wells

Noah Sutcliffe

Brad Stanford

Shadow:Tyson Hill